Built as a country club for well to do big city visitors from Chicago, The Sportsman Inn has been a draw for tourists and local folks as well since 1928. The Sportsman has housed many famous and infamous individuals including state politicians, athletes, business people and even gangsters such as Al Capone(known to frequent the area). As a family run business, the Sportsman gained a reputation for excellent service and fine food. In April of 2006 a new ownership group, dedicated to saving the “Historic Sportsman Inn”, purchased the property. They breathed new life into the old lady, vowing to restore her beauty. We at the Sportsman Inn hope that your visit with us is exceptional. Let us help you relive those memories from the past or help you create the memorable events that will someday be memories to share with your friends and family. Thank you for visiting.

The Sportsman Inn is a full service restaurant and lounge. We offer a variety of steak, seafood, and chicken dishes and made fresh sandwiches and salads. We have banquet facilities available for groups of 10-120 both inside and outside and can cater to off site locations for hundreds of guests. We custom create menus for each occasion and work to meet each budget. Please speak with a manager if you have any questions or to discuss arrangements.